• Location: Mission Street, across from Whale Park
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If you’re visiting Ketchikan, Alaska on one of the Princess Cruise, Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Disney Cruise, or Norwegian Cruise Line ships that come into port, it’s only a matter of time before you bump into me. I run a little yellow booth in downtown Ketchikan called, “Watercolors!” where I paint, sell my art, and meet people on their first trip to what we locals consider the last wild frontier.

I love Ketchikan. I was born here so you’d think I’d get tired of it, but no. There’s nowhere in the world like K-town, and I’ve made it my career to make my art the best representation of it possible. I want my customers to be able to look at my amazing watercolors and remember the time they had. It’s not uncommon for people to tell me that Ketchikan was much more beautiful than they expected, the wildlife much more exciting, and the people more friendly than they could even imagine.