Alaska Eagle Art Gallery

• Location: #5 Creek Street
• Phone: 907-225-8365
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Alaska Eagle Arts, owned and operated by Brigette Ellis and Marvin Oliver, began in Ketchikan Alaska (Brigette’s home town) in 1986.  My intention with the art business was the exclusive representation of Marvin Oliver and his works of art.  It began by selling his works in paper on a wholesale basis and then expanded to a retail gallery in Ketchikan in 1991.  Since 1991 we have expanded to include works in bronze, metal, wood, glass and mixed media.  The Ketchikan Gallery continues today in the same location selling everything from small note cards ($3.00) to large sculpture ($10,000 – $100,000 sculptures).  We also have a thriving wholesale business working with other retail establishments and fine art galleries worldwide in marketing Marvin’s work.
Alaska Eagle Arts has become the managing unit for contemporary artist Marvin Oliver and his internationally collected works of art! 
Some of Marvin’s work: